New collaboration - GEDORE-torque - Κ. Κανέτης & Σία
Intersolar Europe
5 May 2016

New collaboration - GEDORE Torque

GEDORE Group gives you ultimate control!

The dynamometric tools of GEDORE's general catalog, along with the electric, pneumatic and hydraulic torque wrenches of GEDORE's manufacturer brand GEDORE Torque Solutions (formerly Lösomat), are enriched with the ultimate torque wrenches and torque screwdrivers of the subsidiary of GEDORE-torque (formerly Torqueleader).

With our new collaboration, the professional can now choose among what is technologically up to date!


The collaboration of K. Kanetis & Co with leading foreign firms ensures the quality of its products in the Greek market.

Thanks to its consistency, to its business and operational choices, the company continuously enriches the range of its products and is able today to provide a variety of solutions.


The aim and objective of the company is to offer high quality products and innovations alongside high standard services, meeting directly the needs of the market by introducing new products that will offer the best solutions to the professional.

The management of K. Kanetis & Co. gives great importance to the proper staffing of all departments and to the continuous training of its executives in order to meet as much as possible the needs of even the most demanding customer.